Annual Membership - Swanage Pier Friends

The society of The Friends of Swanage Pier was formed in 1995 to support and promote the pier and to help raise vital funds through various activities and events.

Anyone can become a "Friend", a years membership costs a modest £24 and for that you get a FREE annual strolling pass and newsletters detailing the latest restoration news and special events. Anyone can join, you don't have to live locally and you’re not expected to give up your valuable time to volunteer (although we would love it if you did)

By joining The Friends of Swanage Pier you'll be showing support for this marvellous seaside structure and helping to secure the Pier's future for generations to come.

Annual membership £24

Life Membership  £210

If you would like to become a member please complete the following form indicating your preferences; friends_membership_application.pdf

The Pier Friends also have a Committee of elected officers who plan special events and fundraisers.

For more details or 01929 425806


Sponsor a Plank Scheme

The most successful fundraiser is our Sponsor a Plank scheme. A donation of £125 will provide a brass plaque fixed to a plank on the Pier, each plaque can be engraved with a message up to 30 letters. Your message may just be an individual's name and date, a group, club, society or company or a plaque in memory of a loved one or the celebration of a new birth or anniversary. There is also a colour certificate to compliment the Plaque.